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Solar Plumbing

Excellent plumbing choice for domestic solar hot water system, EPDM insulated tubing reduce up to 20% heat loss of DHW system

Solar Hot Water System

Flexible Stainless Steel tubing comply to easy lining and soldering free, save up to 60% of on-site labours. Makes solar plumbing much easier.

Dual Solar Tubing

Easy connection with brass fitting, adapt to 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch manifold of solar collector.

Insulated Dual Solar Piping

Supply line, return line and sensor cable 3 in 1 . Minimum installation space required. Add value to solar hot water systems

Connected twin structure insulation layer made from UV-resistant EPDM material

Self-Adhering Tape NOT necessary (unless there is bird attack)

Adapt to both Flat Plate and Glass Tube type solar thermal collector.

New Features
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Material cost save up to 30%
  • No soldering equipment needed, fewer connectors applied
  • Pre-insulated dual flexible tubing, no on-site insulation efforts
  • Flexible piping, easy to line up and space saving
  • Hand bends, no special tool needed
  • Long duration
  • Minimum installation space required
  • Save on-site hour

Apace Technology Ltd, based in East China. As an exporter and manufacturer of Solar Insulated Piping Kit, since 2003 we've been supplying solar plumbing products to Solar Water Heater manufacturer, distributor and installer for their projects.

With our ISO-9001 certificated plants in Jiangsu, we provide selection of EPDM insulation pipe, copper fitting, stainless steel flexible piping, sensor cable and comprehensive plumbing product for solar hot water system. We supply world-wide customers and increase the competitiveness of their Solar Hot Water systems.

Our special designed product has been proved to be cost effectiveness, durable, easy installation and labor-saving. Our pre-insulated pipe significantly reduce the heat loss in plumbing and increase the over-all efficiency of Domestic Hot Water (DHW) systems. For years we have maintained a philosophy of assured quality and prompt delivery as well as customer satisfaction. We aim to satisfy the demand of our customers and fit in the changing need of our target markets. Check our website and contact us.